Kings Mountain artist to show work

By Stacy Trevenon
Half Moon Bay Review
Wednesday, Mar 11, 2009

Werner Glinka to show new assemblages and wall sculptures

Werner Glinka, who does his contemporary sculpture assemblages and wall hangings in a Kings Mountain studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean, will present a survey of new work in a show he calls “Change of Context” at the 1870 Art Center at 1870 Ralston Ave. in Belmont.

In this new work, Glinka explores familiar symbols and structures by tapping into his own past growing up in the industrial town of Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The stark industrial ambience of the town shaped his aesthetic sensibility and, in the art for this show, he creates simple geometric shapes using materials including rusted metal bands and discarded electrical porcelain insulators.

These cast-off materials provide a stark contrast to the minimalist geometric shapes. The three-dimensional work incorporates the effects of light for additional dimensions.

Glinka also draws on the abstract language of mathematics and symbols, which were part of his education as an electrical engineer.


Glinka came to California in 1981 where, living in the mountains, he developed his unique style of assemblage combining the influences of sleek, steel-and-glass modernism of the Bauhaus movement with the simple and functional grace of Japanese landscapes.


The show will open March 19 and run through May 3, 2009. There will be an artist’s reception at 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 21 .


For information, call (650) 595-9679 or visit